At PeopleGrove, we believe the way students experience and value their education has changed. They are seeking an academic experience that addresses:
- Job outcomes, not just a degree 
- Social and digital, not isolated and static 
- Experiential, not theoretical

In fact, many are questioning the value of a college education. Only half of US alumni strongly agree their education was worth the cost. Meanwhile, supportive relationships most influenced, even doubled, graduates’ perception that their education was worth the cost.

We believe relationships and community are key to student success and engaged alumni. That's why we built PeopleGrove: a unified solution for relationship-driven career success. By making mentors, advisers and coaches accessible, we help students from all walks of life access new opportunities and achieve their career goals.

PeopleGrove is on a mission to connect every student and professional with the mentors, advisers and network needed to realize their full potential and find a fulfilling career. PeopleGrove's mentorship and advising platform has been successfully launched at the world's leading institutions, including Stanford, UMUC, K-State and many more.

It turns out the student journey aligns with a new hire journey. We're excited to be working with Intuit, Qualcomm and CooperVision so that there employees can better access experts and coaching within their own organizations.


Adam and Reilly first met in the technology investment banking group of Credit Suisse, where they were office mates. There, they realized how powerful mentors and their respective alumni networks had been in helping them to explore various career paths, understand the pros and cons of different roles and ultimately succeed in a competitive interview process.

They left Credit Suisse in summer 2013 to join Google. With the entrepreneurial spirit all around them, they embarked on an after-work side project that would eventually become PeopleGrove with the goal of helping students and young professionals from all backgrounds. Thanks to the support of the BEAM team at Stanford and our supportive investors, friends and family, PeopleGrove has grown to reimagine mentoring for today's college students at campuses across the country.

More background from our founder Adam Saven here.




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